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Welcome to CO₂ Correct. My name is Stephan Schneider founder of the company. I started CO₂ Correct  in 2020 with the idea to start making sustainability accessible to anyone in the fruit and vegetable industry.

The problem with going sustainable is that it takes a lot of time, effort and money and I felt that this needed to change. By the unique CO₂ Correct approach on the carbon footprint we are able to give organisations insights on how to correct their global carbon impact made during the supply chain from growing on the fields to the store. I am proud that this new method will make sustainability available to anyone.

People have asked me what made me take this new step into a more sustainable future. The answer is not that simple. Over the years you gain more and more knowledge about certain subjects and these influences eventually have lead to the start of this company.

A company that I feel needs to be open and honest about our philosophy, our finances and our members.

First I will tell you a bit more about my journey has led me to my eventual idea of CO₂ Correct. 

Learning about sustainability

I started working for the family business that produced plastic houseware items. A great company that has the philosophy that when producing plastics it is your responsibility to make them last a lifetime so the environmental impact is as small as possible.

In the family business we developed new innovative houseware solutions also for the fruit and vegetable industry. I instantly fell in love with the fruit and vegetable business and eventually became a marketing manager for a fruit and vegetable importer.

A sustainable
midlife crisis

Having reached the age of 40 it is quite normal for a person to start looking back at his life and his achievement, but also look ahead at the years to come.
Being a father of two children for many years now I recently started thinking about the future of my children and maybe eventually their children.
I found that I was actually worried about their future and the way things are going in regards to global warming and the environment. So I figured that it is time to do my part and make sustainability accessible.

What is

Working as a marketeer in the fruit and vegetable industry sustainability became more and more important.

What amazed me is that consumers and companies started mistaking non-plastic packaging alternatives as sustainable innovations without looking at the actual impact of their actions. There are examples of new packaging alternatives being marketed as sustainable but having a bigger environmental impact.

Packaging is actually up to 10% of the environmental impact so learning about this I started looking at the other 90%.

All this made me think it is time for a change. CO₂ reduction is a big solution to the problems we are facing today like global warming, wrong use of earth’s resources and many other things. When we look at the carbon footprint and reducing this we start looking at optimizing our entire way of how we use our resources. Moving from plastics to cardboard sounds interesting but what if this means that we are drastically reducing our rainforest for this? The problem is looking at the bigger picture and there are many factors that need to be taken into account.

CO₂ Correct starts by correcting the carbon impact of their members. A part of our revenue that is not invested in reduction programs we will then invest in more detailed calculations that will give us insights into making the right sustainable decisions. These insights we will share with our members but also outside our community because we want to make this world a better place.

Want to know more about my initiative? Or want to share thoughts on going sustainable? Contact me anytime: stephan@co2correct.com

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