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Carbon Compensation made possible

Sustainability and carbon compensation are hot topics. More and more people realise that we have to stop the effects of climate change and an important way to do this is to reduce our carbon footprint. For organisations the challenge is to understand their own carbon footprint in the supply chain. These insights are obtained when conducting a carbon calculation during a LifeCycle Analysis research. But the downside is that these calculations are time consuming, expensive and need to be conducted for every type of situation.

CO₂ Correct gives organizations in the fruit and vegetable business insights in their carbon footprint and offers them the opportunity to compensate their carbon footprint by supporting FairTrade carbon compensation projects. Anyone who becomes a member of CO₂ Correct  will have the opportunity to obtain the carbon impact calculations for any type of fruit or vegetable grown in any country and shipped to anywhere in the world.

We will give anyone insights in the carbon footprint of all types of fresh produce. But there are various reasons why CO₂ Correct is the right way to go…

Global sustainability impact

Consumers are becoming more aware of the impact of their food consumption

Local for local, increasing number of vegetarians among millennials…the consumer is changing rapidly into a more aware consumer. But today’s consumer is also looking for convenience, they want to eat tasty exotics and they want to travel the globe. Here you can see the contradictions that today’s consumer is facing.
CO₂ Correct fruit and vegetable will offer them a choice to eat whatever they like but to compensate for their impact. The sustainable consumer who wants to travel the world is already used to this idea so why not do it for fruit and vegetables? And let us tell you, it is quite affordable since the fresh produce industry is working with a completely natural product.

Climate change is affecting our growers more and more often​

One of the first people to notice climate change have been the growers of fruit and vegetables. Crops are more often lost to extreme weather events and floods or drought are becoming more of a habit then they are exceptions nowadays. So sustainability is a big issue with any grower around the globe.

Packaging only part of the sustainability impact

Sustainability is more then just the packaging..

Today’s consumer is made to believe that only plastics are the problem of the entire environmental issue. We can tell you this is not. Some retailers and suppliers are coming up with packaging alternatives and call those sustainable but they are often not. Actually what is sustainable when it still has an impact?
As you can see in our infographic about our carbon impact calculation there is more to this than just the packaging. To be honest the packaging is mostly only about 2%-5% of the total carbon impact.
So we need to start and look at the bigger picture.

Companies are looking for sustainability impact

Companies are looking to make a sustainable impact but often the solutions are not sustainable, extremely expensive of difficult to incorporate in their business processes.
CO₂ Correct offer direct and fast result by starting with compensation and we make it our mission to help our members to make real steps into a more sustainable future.
As CO₂ Correct we will share knowledge about developments that are sustainable and effective for use within the fruit and vegetable industry.

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