Accessible carbon compensation
for the fruit and vegetable industry

CO₂ Correct is an independent label that offers carbon compensation for the fruit and vegetable industry. We believe that sustainability needs to be made accessible to organisations and therefore we have taken care of the complicated process of calculating the growth & supply chain impact for all types of fruit and vegetables supplied from any country. Now carbon compensation becomes accessible and affordable.

Compensation is your sustainable start

Carbon compensation for fruit and vegetables

When the CO₂ Correct label is used by the fruit & vegetable industry it means that the carbon impact has been taken into account and compensated. Our compensation projects in developing countries have a positive impact on the carbon footprint and the projects have various positive effects on the well being of the people involved. 

Carbon compensation is a first step into a more sustainable future but CO₂ Correct also expects from the participating organisations that they have a sustainable mindset and are looking to make more sustainability improvements in the years to come. By use of the CO₂ Correct label  and neutralizing the carbon footprint, organisations can focus on sustainable initiatives that have a real impact.

CO₂Correct guides organisations into a sustainable direction by helping them set  the right goals and realise them. 

If you want to know more about our approach, take a look at our detailed explanation of what CO₂ Correct exactly is.

Carbon Footprint Calculations

CO₂ Correct calculations will give insights on the carbon footprint that occurs in the entire supply chain from landuse and growth until the product is placed in a shopping basket. Carbon calculations will be made available to consumers so that they are aware of the impact that is made during the supply chain. Even though a CO₂ Correct product has been carbon compensated we want members to use these insights to change their impact where it has most impact. Sustainability goes beyond that of changing a packaging.

Carbon footprint example

(1kg of oranges from Spain imported and sold on the European market, contact CO₂ Correct for more detailed information)

CO₂ Correct story

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Interested in the carbon impact of your produce? Fill in our calculations form and recieve more information on your impact and how you can compensate this by taking this important step into a more sustainable future.

The CO₂ Correct approach to sustainability


Correct CO₂ impact

Plan sustainability

Work on sustainability

Keep on improving

Want to know how CO₂ Correct makes carbon compensation available to growers, importers, processors and retailers?
Discover this great first step into a sustainable future.

Everyone has a different view on sustainability. At this moment most consumers are focussed on buying unpacked or plastic-free products and if possible they want locally grown products. But we need to see the bigger picture and our carbon impact indicator will help people see the bigger picture.

For us transparency is most important when working together with companies that are looking to make a sustainable impact. Look at our approach to make sure that we will be trusted by our partners and also to the consumer.

Anyone in the fruit and vegetable industry (growers, importers, processors, retailers) that is looking to make a sustainable impact can become a participant. 

Upcoming events

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Interested in becoming a CO₂ Correct participant? Fill in the contact form and we will send you all the details.

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