Participate in sustainbility

Join CO₂ Correct and start by making a sustainable impact within days ! Participate in our initiative and show consumers that as a company you care about the future of our planet by taking important steps to change your impact. In this section you can read about the advantages for your organisation and also about the commitment CO₂ Correct is asking from its participating organisations.


Easy &

  • Up and running within a week
  • Carbon compensation is a big step into a more sustainable future
  • Sustainability Strategy advice and support
  • Join a network of sustainable companies and share knowledge
  • Any company who want to go sustainable and meets social standards for production and trade can join
Participate in an affordable sustainable initiative

Affordable Sustainability

  • Free carbon footprint calculations for 500 types of fruits and vegetables
  • Fruit and vegetable compensation is affordable compared to other industries
  • No complicated business processes
  • Customized calculations possible when growers have taken exceptional sustainability measures like the use of renewable energy

Start Communicating

  • Be proud of your sustainable steps and let your customers know
  • Free use of logo and sustainable packaging advice
  • Supported project communication available
  • Personalised carbon compensation page for each item to share with your customers (QR-code)
  • Participate in sustainability and make a sustainable statement towards consumers & competitors
  • Products labeled as CO₂ Correct can be seen as a premium
  • Show importers & retail that you are a professional organisation
  • Add sustainable value to your produce
  • A big step to a sustainable strategy
  • Sustainability should be an important subject in Category Management
  • Act as a premium for your fresh produce

Processor advantages

Processing sustainable products
  • Add sustainable value to your produce
  • Packaging impact is taken into account
  • Co2 calculations available for all Fruit & Vegetable contents

Retailer advantages

Sustainable communication
  • Boost your sustainable reputation by compensating your Fruit and Vegetables
  • Upgrade items to a premium
  • Change sustainable discussion focus from packaging to carbon compensation

How it works

Become a member

  • Register your organisation with CO₂ Correct and pay an annual fee

Determine CO₂ assortment

  • Let us know which products you want to compensate from which countries

Receive CO₂ calculations

  • CO₂ Correct calculates the carbon compensation costs

Report sales
for CO2 offset

  • Each participants send in their quarterly sales and CO₂ Correct invoices the carbon compensation


Interested participate in the CO₂ Correct initiative? Fill in the contact form and we will send you all the details.

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