Carbon Reduction Project

CO₂ Correct works together with FairClimateFund for selecting carbon reduction projects. These climate projects reduce CO₂ emissions and deforestation and improve the living conditions for people in developing countries.
The projects are Fairtrade certified and generate Gold Standard/Fairtrade Carbon Credits.
At this moment we are supporting a biogas cooking program in India.

Biogas project India

The Chikballapur district in the Indian state Karnataka is an underdeveloped region where a large part of the population lives below the poverty line. Traditionally people cook indoors on an open wood fire which causes harmful smoke. Also women spend a lot of time gathering firewood.

By installing biogas installations, organic waste is fermented in an underground unit. This creates enough biogas to cook on a daily basis. This method of cooking reduces CO₂ and harmful smoke in the kitchen, clears up organic waste, and saves households kerosene, wood, and time. Also, the ‘slurry’, which is the rest product that comes out of the digester, serves as a very good fertilizer.

Once the number of members grows we will expand our carbon reduction projects.

CO₂ Correct works with Fairtrade Carbon Credits


Reliable & Transparent

The Fairtrade Climate Standard is a relatively new standard, developed by Fairtrade International and Gold Standard in cooperation with FairClimateFund.

Community owned

owns credits

Local households own the Fairtrade Carbon Credits so the community benefits from this and can further expand the project from the revenues.

Tairtrade premium


A premium is paid on top of the minimum price. This premium is managed by the local cooperative and invested in climate adaptation activities.


End user CO₂ reduction

Buyers of Fairtrade Carbon Credits have a carbon reduction plan. For this CO₂ Correct expects from its participating members to make a sustainability plan to stimulate the reduction of CO₂ where possible.

Indoor cooking with biogas is much cleaner than the traditional way of cooking resulting in better health and condition of the people living in these households.

Women in India would be responsible for gathering wood for cooking. This time-consuming activity is now a thing of the past so there is more for other activities.

The biogas installation creates a circular process where the result is clean biogas and fertiliser which can be reused for farming.

The enormous reduction of the carbon footprint in these areas along with the number of trees that are saved by reducing the amount of wood needed for cooking has en significant impact.

Biogas carbon reduction project India in numbers

Tonns of CO₂ reduced​
Biogas installations
Number of trees saved

The numbers displayed are the total numbers of this FairClimateFund project. CO₂ Correct will communicate its results each year in our annual report.


More information

Interested in finding out more about our partner FairClimateFund and their carbon reduction projects?

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