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About CO₂ Correct

CO₂ Correct is an independent label that offers carbon compensation for the fruit and vegetable industry. We believe that sustainability needs to be made accessible to organisations and therefore we have taken care of the complicated process of calculating the growth & supply chain impact for all types of fruit and vegetables supplied from any country. Now carbon compensation becomes accessible and affordable.

Sustainability has become a hot topic but making sustainability claims has not been regulated yet. CO₂ Correct​ believes that an independent label needs to show consumers that CO₂ Correct​ members are doing the right thing and that their claims are supported by real sustainable activities.

CO₂ Correct projects

CO₂ Correct​ works with FairClimateFund as a partner for seleting suitable carbon compensation projects. Important is that our projects are FairTrade approved and that means that local communities are part of the project and benefit directly from the revenues. This allowing them to start up new initiatieves.

Read more about our current biogas project in India.

We feel that FairTrade Carbon Credits have a benefit that it not only helps reduce the effects of climate change but it also has other benefits. The project in India also supports people’s health, reduces poverty, promotes gender equality and gives the local residents affordable and clean energy. When our organisation will grow so will the choice of supported projects.


CO₂ Correct believes that trust is the most important factor when starting a new label. So for this we guarantee complete transparency in our way of doing business, our earnings and our expenses. CO₂ Correct works with partners like the FairClimateFund and CE Delft to make sure that the foundation of the company (carbon calculations and carbon credits) is done by professionals.
With this solid foundation we want to maintain a level of trust by being open about our earnings and expenses. Our annual report will be available on our website one we finish our first financial year.

CO₂ Correct needs to have revenues to keep the label going. Our margin is 10% of all the carbon compensation expenses made. With this amount we will cover the expenses for running the backoffice, keeping the calculations up-to-date and various marketing activities.

Eventually employee costs will be made public in our annual report and CEO income will be published as well. Anyone is welcome to ask us direct questions about our business model:

CO₂ Calculations

CO₂ Correct​ has developed a carbon footprint tool to determine GHG emissions of many different fruits and vegetables.

The CO₂Correct carbon footprint tool was developed in cooperation with CE Delft using the IPCC GWP 100a method. CE Delft provided the data to determine carbon footprints. An important aspect of the CO₂Correct methodology is overcompensation. With overcompensation CO₂Correct ensures that all GHG emissions are always compensated for.

Want to know more about our calculations? Please read this article.

In determining the carbon footprint of agricultural (vegetable) products the whole system from cradle to retail is taken into account. All emissions related to production of inputs such as pesticides and fertilizers, as well as the transport needed to get these to the location of use, are included. For the agricultural phase, inputs such as use of fuels for agricultural machinery and emissions related to use of fertilizers are included in the footprint. Furthermore, in case of land use change and subsequent GHG emissions, such emissions are included in the footprint. 

After harvest, products are packaged in one or more packaging solutions. 

Products are often exported; retail location and production location are often not situated in the same country. All transport in the production country, in the importing country, and between countries is included in the carbon footprint.

Want to know more about our calculations? Please read this article.

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