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Being an organisation that wants participants to do the right thing brings certain responsibilities. Our code of conduct states that transparency is key in doing honest business so that means we will share anything in regards to our expenses and revenues. We highly value the cooperation with our partners that also ensure that our business remains correct and transparent. Here you can read more about our transparency and our business partnerships.

Code of conduct & transparency

CO₂ Correct Code of Conduct

Since we are asking our participating organisations to have or develop a sustainable mindset when working with our label we feel obligates to have a certain code of conduct of which we feel we should do business.

Here are some of our rules on how we want to do business:

> CO₂ Correct’s sustainable activities and those of its participants may not have a negative effect on our social responsibilities (people’s wellbeing is always more important than environmental gain);

> CO₂ Correct’s is a fully transparent organisation;

> CO₂ Correct will not use the words climate neutral, we correct the carbon impact and we even overcompensate but even though the calculation might be more than neutral we will never use this as we find it to be misleading. Each product has an impact on the environment and we must not forget this fact;

Interested in our entire code of conduct? Download here.

Should you have any ideas on how we can increase our transparency even further, feel free to send us tips.

Life Cycle Analysis

CO₂ Correct has found a unique approach to make carbon compensation accessible to anyone within the fruit and vegetable industry but of course we need an expert partner on the subject of Life Cycle Analysis. CE Delft is our partner on this subject who provides us with our carbon calculations and also makes sure we will apply the right calculations so we will meet the right standard for carbon compensation. CO₂ Correct will continue to work together with CE Delft to expand our database with up-to-date information and use this to give our participating organisations more insight into sustainable initiatives. 


Carbon Credits

CO₂ Correct works together with FairClimateFund for selecting climate reduction projects. These climate projects reduce CO₂ emissions and deforestation and improve the living conditions for people in developing countries.

The projects are Fairtrade certified and generate Gold Standard/Fairtrade Carbon Credits. 

Participating organisations that will generate sufficient volumes of carbon compensation will be invited to engage in a carbon reduction program. A Life Cycle Analysis will show the opportunities for effective reduction of CO2 emission. In case of long term commitment it may be feasible to start a new project in the countries where the product is grown. For this FairClimateFund will be our sustainable sourcing partner.

Here you can read more about the current project CO₂ Correct is supporting.

CO₂ Correct works with Fairtrade Carbon Credits


Reliable & Transparent

The Fairtrade Climate Standard is a relatively new standard, developed by Fairtrade International and Gold Standard in cooperation with FairClimateFund.

Community owned

owns credits

Local households own the Fairtrade Carbon Credits so the community benefits from this and can further expand the project from the revenues.

Tairtrade premium


A premium is paid on top of the minimum price. This premium is managed by the local cooperative and invested in climate adaptation activities.


End user CO₂ reduction

Buyers of Fairtrade Carbon Credits have a CO₂ reduction plan. For this CO₂ Correct expects from its participating members to make a sustainability plan to stimulate the reduction of CO₂ where possible.

Financial transparency

CO₂ Correct is working together with a specialised firm to audit and approve our annual report. Since our company has recently started and our first financial year still needs to be closed. As soon as this is available we will publish this on our website.
Of course organisations who are interested in detailed information about this subject can contact us anytime. Transparency is an important objective within our organisation.

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