What is CO₂ Correct

CO₂ Correct is an independent label the arranges carbon compensation for any type of fruit or vegetable. With the world looking for sustainable alternatives in regards to cultivation, packaging, transport etc….we are still awaiting real sustainable solutions. But since many organisations do want to start making an impact carbon compensation is a great solution for a fresh sustainable start. CO₂ Correct will then help participating organisations to make sustainable plans en together we will move towards a better future together. During this process we are correcting our carbon impact and making a difference for future generations.

The CO₂ Correct approach to sustainability

Reduce carbon footprint

Correct CO₂ impact

The first step our members will take is carbon compensation for the impact their fresh produce has during the entire supply chain. Many organisations nowadays would call this carbon neutral or even carbon negative since we are overcompensating. But at CO₂ Correct we are always looking for fair and honest communication so we call it CO₂ Correct.

Plan sustainability

We see many organisations that are lost and moving in several directions just to have consumers think they are sustainable.

CO₂ Correct members are planning ahead to a long term sustainable future. With these plans they will move in one direction, the right direction. 

Work on sustainability

Making a plan is one thing, the execution of those plans is another. CO₂ Correct monitors the progression of our members in their path to a more sustainable future. During this process we will share our knowledge on sustainability with our members and we encourage our members to share their knowledge within the CO₂ Correct network.

Keep on improving

A sustainability plan will need to be updated as the world is changing rapidly. Insights on the use of resources, new initiatives and the development of more sustainable materials are shared within the CO₂ Correct network.

Fresh produce database

CO₂ Correct has an extensive database containing fruit & vegetable carbon calculations. Interested organisations can contact us and within days you will get our proposal on the cost of carbon compensation. You could be making your first sustainable steps within a week.

CO₂ calculation steps

Calculation of the supply chain impact is a difficult process that needs to be conducted by companies that are experts in Lifecycle Analysis research. All CO₂ Correct calculations have been conducted in cooperation with CE Delft. Our trusted partner for Lifecycle Analysis research. Below you can see a short overview of the steps taken into account when calculating the carbon footprint. More detailed information about our calculation process can be found in this article.

Land use

Impact on change of land use is taken into account including deforestation & pollution


Impact during the cultivation of used resources and machine impact

Packing & Processing

Carbon impact of cooling and packing the produce including carbon impact of packaging materials used.


Impact during the transport from the country of origin to the final retail destination


Used energy by retailer including cooling/storage

Carbon compensation for fruit and vegetables

Consumer label

The CO₂ Correct label will be an indication to consumers that their fruit or vegetable has been carbon compensated. There is the option of providing a QR-code so consumers can scan it and see the total carbon footprint that is compensated.
CO₂ Correct offers design support for organisations that want to incorporate the label into their packaging designs. Several logo variations are available so it will fit in almost any type of design.
A private label is always an option but a reference to CO₂ Correct must be made in the communication to maintain the trust of consumers.
Interested to see what CO₂ Correct can do for your organisation?


Interested to see what CO₂ Correct can do for your organisation?

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