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Everything that we buy and consume has an impact on our carbon footprint. The bigger our carbon footprint the higher our personal impact on the environment. Today more people are looking to buy local products which is always a good thing but sometimes you want to eat something different.

CO₂ Correct is an independent label that gives you the opportunity to eat products where the carbon impact has been completely compensated. Besides carbon compensation CO₂ Correct members are also looking to continuously improve their environmental impact by optimising their supply chain.

This way you can buy the fruit or vegetables that you love to eat! By giving insights on the actual carbon impact we will also inform you on the aspects that have the biggest carbon impact. Because sustainability is about more than just the packaging.

CO₂ impact calculation

The carbon impact of each item is carefully calculated taking into account all elements of impact during the supply chain. Each item is compensated from seed to store and we even overcompensate to make sure the environment is always the winner.

If members choose to use our QR code on their products you are able to scan it and see the compensated impact. Click our QR image for an example calculation. This will also give you insights on the elements that have the biggest carbon impact.

More detailed information about our calculation process can be found in this article


Carbon Compensation

CO₂ Correct works together with FairClimateFund for selecting climate reduction projects. These climate projects reduce CO₂ emissions and deforestation but also improve the living conditions for people in developing countries. So there are additional benefits to this approach.

The projects are Fairtrade certified and therefore meet the highest standards. 

Here you can read more about the current project CO₂ Correct is supporting.

Complete transparency

Being an organisation that wants to do the right thing brings certain responsibilities. Therefore we want to be completely transparent and we have tried to make all needed information available on our website. Should you have any questions or tips how we can be even more transparent feel free to contact us anytime. 

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